Highlighting My First 6 months as a Commercial Real Estate Broker

By: Cade Weiler – Associate Broker

Commercial real estate is the largest asset class on the planet, so defining your goals is crucial to your success. Some commercial real estate brokerage goals could be owning investment property, becoming involved in new development, owning a brokerage, and more. To build a foundation as a commercial real estate broker takes serious initiative and focus to perform at your highest potential. Your goals must then be paired with the best path to achieve those goals.

Success takes a team effort. Therefore, seek the highest performing team that will help you achieve your goals and provide guidance. Find a team that has already achieved what you are seeking to accomplish and provide value for them in all ways possible.

A few things that have set me up for success can be narrowed down to the following:

  • Become a “Yes” man/woman and diligently serve the team’s goals in all ways possible.
  • Helping with small support tasks to spearheading larger projects and campaigns will make you valuable, appreciated, and noticed.
  • Always be confident and ask questions when necessary.
  • Help generate leads through any avenue you possibly can.
  • Design direct mailers, put together address mailing lists for your team, research target tenants or landlords and develop cold call lists to call on.
  • Canvass different property types and develop a reputation of starting and completing projects.

Shadow. Shadow. Shadow. It cannot be emphasized enough to shadow the brokers on your team who are actively listing properties, providing tenant solutions, and representing buyers. These shadowing moments are priceless, and you get to see experienced brokers on your team perform firsthand.

Seek education from experienced commercial real estate brokers and courses and continue immersing yourself in the language of commercial real estate. If it becomes difficult to understand a concept, spend time researching or ask brokers who are well versed in the topic. Performing actions is the highest form of the learning process, so go out and take action today that will pay off in the future!

From my experience, the highest performing brokers are relentless and never take rejection personally. In conclusion, relentless persistence is the dominant character trait successful brokers have. Adopt this character trait, and you will succeed.

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