Landlord Representation

landlord-rep1Latitude’s landlord representation serves the always fluctuating, complex marketing and asset management of entrepreneurial, institutional and corporate property owners. Whether you are looking to sell or lease your property we use a systematic approach to maximize the value and exposure to the market. Visit our Tenant/Buyer Locator for ideas on the active tenants and buyers in the marketplace.

1. Establish a Market value – The most important part of selling or leasing your asset is to price the property appropriately. A property well above the competition does not compare favorably and an unreasonable asking price can discourage them from even considering a property.

2. Establishing a Target Market – We answer the Who, Where and How to maximize the clients’ value and minimize the time on the market. “Who” is your target market?  “Where” is the target market? “How” do we reach that target market?

3. Market the property – We utilize all the tools of the trade and have a few very unique aspects to our business. You may think everyone uses the same commercial database systems but not to our extent. Not only do we use as many of the traditional commercial databases as possible we also make sure the property is being marketed through non-traditional forms.

Some of our other marketing tools are:

  • Our website
  • Printed/Electronic Flyers
  • Email Campaigns
  • Open Houses
  • Industry Trade Events
  • Direct Mail

4. Negotiating the deal – We maximize our years of experience and market knowledge to negotiate the best deal with the least amount of risk possible. When it comes to analyzing the leasing of a property today’s lease has a ripple effect on your ability to sell the property tomorrow!